Orthodontic Oral Care Pack

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• VITIS Orthodontic Mouthwash 500ml x2 
• VITIS Orthodontic Toothpaste 100ml x1
• VITIS Orthodontic Retainer Cleaning Tablets (32 tabs) x1
• FREE Soaking bath with 1 order

VITIS Orthodontic is a range of specialist oral hygiene products that have been specially formulated for orthodontic appliance wearers to help maintain optimal oral health. 

The range includes a unique combination of 4 active ingredients to provide patients with exceptional all-round protection:


• Remineralises enamel and prevents decay
• Helps to control plaque build-up
• Rapid healing of ulcers and lesions
• Reduces gingival inflammation and soothes gums
• Apple mint flavour and alcohol free


The VITIS Orthodontic Cleaning Tablets provide effective cleaning for your retainers.

Place one tablet in your free soaking bath with enough water to cover your retainers. 


Leave the retainers within the solution for 15 minutes, before rinsing with plenty of water.