RetentionMonitoring, powered by DentalMonitoring, provides you with the best possible post-treatment care in a convenient, flexible and secure way. Using the latest AI technology, our team will remotely monitor your teeth using just your smartphone and an attachment called the ScanBox Pro. This technology will identify any unwanted tooth movement, alert you when to replace your retainers, and provide recommendations direct from your dentist.

Process RetentionMonitoring

1. Sign up to RetentionMonitoring

Sign up for just £9.99/month.

2. Download the DM App

Receive an email from us with your unique link to download your DentalMonitoring app and set up your account. Watch a simple instruction video to get started.

3. Take Your Scan

Use the ScanBox Pro to take your scan at home.

4. Retainers4Life Monitor Your Smile

Retainers4Life team monitor your ongoing monthly scans, ensuring your smile is protected for life.

WHY CHOOSE DentalMonitoring?

  • Identify Tooth Movement

    Monthly scanning allows us to pick up on any unwanted tooth movement and immediately stop it.

  • Know Exactly When to Replace Your Retainers

    We can identify general wear and tear, retainer breakages, harmful bacteria buildup and potency of the retainer and advise you when is best to purchase a new retainer.

  • Smart STL

    If tooth movement does occur due to lack of retainer use, we can use your phone scan to manufacture refinement aligners to move your teeth back to the desired position. Ts&Cs apply.

  • Oral Health

    RetentionMonitoring can identify numerous Oral Health issues.