Retainers4Life provide retainers on your behalf. We make offering spare and replacement retainers to your patients efficient, straightforward and accessible. 


Our Website allows patients to order retainers and receive them directly to their door from our digital laboratory where your patients scans are used to manufacture retainers from the final treatment scan. All with no administration burden for your practice.


  • Your teeth deserve better, retainers 4 life


    Sean qualified in Dental Technology in 1987 from Newcastle and went on to study for a further 4 years, gaining Advanced qualifications in Prosthodontics and Orthodontics. Sean worked in various commercial Laboratories for 18 years before running the day-to-day operations of the Orthodontic and Maxillofacial laboratory at Sunderland Royal Hospital. Whilst there, he studied for a further 2 years gaining a Post grad Professional Studies Diploma in Maxillofacial Technology from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2002, gaining the first and only highest-level pass with 'Distinction' from the course since its induction. In 2001, he left the NHS and established Ashford Orthodontics, which now employs over 70 members of staff. Ashford became an ‘early implementer’ of digital techniques within Orthodontics and firmly established itself as the ‘go to’ lab for digital Orthodontics at scale. Sean sold Ashford Orthodontics in 2020 with the intention of a peaceful retirement but was enticed into becoming CEO of Retainers4Life, due to his vast industry knowledge and wealth of experience with digital manufacturing.


• We encourage patients to comply with long term retention and maintain your fantastic work and their beautiful smiles!

• We reduce foot traffic, administration and overhead costs in your practice.

• We provide you with an ongoing income stream with post-treatment patients.

• We have an innovative service that enhances your brand.

• We standardise the process with direct to patient fulfilment.

• We partner with the UK’s largest specialist orthodontic laboratory.

• We are fully MHRA/G compliant and insured. We are ICO registered with all required data-governance in place.


Please reach out to the Retainers4Life team using the contact form or the email below. Our team will respond to all queries in 24 hours.