Change your retainers regularly and with ease!


Our retainers are an essential part of keeping that smile you worked so hard for. Patients who stop wearing their retainer, or do not change their retainer, soon find themselves without that perfect smile.

Avoid finding yourself back in treatment, costing you time and money. Sign up to Retainers4Life to wear and change your retainer regularly and keep that beautiful smile.




Our MISSION is to provide patients with a quick, simple, and affordable way of ordering new retainers direct to their home.

Our VISION is to help all patients across the globe keep their perfect smile.

A simpler way to keeping your smile…

Our retainer packages are delivered directly to you. No appointments required.

You change your tooth brush every 3 months so why not your retainer?

Dentists recommend replacing your retainers regularly to avoid bacteria. There is nothing cleaner than a new retainer!

3D Technology...

Your dentist will keep your digital scan on record. Our state-of-the-art UK laboratory will 3D print your smile to create your bespoke retainers.

“I thought wearing my retainers every night would get frustrating however they pop in to place with very minimal effort and I forget that I’ve got them in almost immediately. It’s also really reassuring to know that they’re keeping my teeth looking as good as when I first finished treatment. In my opinion they’re a very minor inconvenience to help maintain the smile I always wanted.”

- Paul Blackbourn, Customer